Aged Cosacavaddu ibleo

Aged Cosacavaddu Ibleo is a pasta filata cheese. It is made from whole cow’s milk. The cows feed on pasture lands rich in natural and aromatic grasses in the Hyblaean mountains. The production of this ancient cheese is still carried out today in small artisan dairy farms where the farmer-cheese maker – besides attending to the cattle – transforms the milk into cheese with the help of his own family.
Table cheese after 3/4 months of ageing, grating cheese after more than 8 months of ageing.

Range Pasta filata cow’s cheeses
Area of production Province of Ragusa
Category Pasta filata cheese
Ingredients Whole, raw cow’s milk, salt, lamb or kid rennet
Shape Parallelepiped with rounded off corners
Flavour Pleasantly piquant and persistent
Paste Straw-yellow in colour, compact or with small cracks
Rind Thin, smooth, golden-yellow in colour
Ageing 240 days
Shelf life 210 days
Package ean code 98025175003217
Sale unit Bulk
Size kg. 13
Type of package Carton
Pieces x package 1
Cartons per pallet 40
Storage temperature + 4/6° C
Transport temperature + 4/6° C
Nutrition facts x 100 gr
Calories Kcal/KJ 374/1548
Protein g 28,4
Carbohydrate g 2,52
Fat g 30,10
Calcium mg 772