Black peppercorn Pecorino Calcagno 300g

The black peppercorn Pecorino Calcagno is a typical cheese products exclusively with selected sheep’s milk, adding for last black peppercorns which give a typical taste and spice. It is aged only between December and May when milk has a superior quality. It is produced with milk taken from sheeps feeding wild spontaneous grasses in the typical mountains and hills sicilian area.

Range Aged portioned cheeses
Product Pecorino Calcagno with black peppercorn  300g
Area of production Province of Trapani
Category Semi-cooked paste cheese
Ingredients Pasteurized sheep’s milk, whole black peppercorns, salt, rennet, milk enzymes
External appearance Wedge
Flavour Savoury, pleasantly piquant and aromatic
Paste Hard, close-textured or with light eye formation, whitish in colour tending towards light straw colouring
Rind Natural
Ageing 210 days
Shelf life 180 days
Product ean code 2285919
Sale unit Single wedge, vacuum-packed with heat-shrinking film
Variable size g 300
Type of package Carton
Pieces x package 16
Cartons per pallet 72
Storage temperature + 4° C
Transport temperature + 4° C
Nutrition facts x 100gr
Calories Kcal/KJ 378/1564
Protein g 27,2
Carbohydrate g < 0,1
Fat g 29,5
Calcium mg 1014