Goat Cheese Primavera

Caciotta di Capra Primavera Details This line of Caciotta di CAPRA (soft spring goat’s milk cheese) comes from the Agrigento hinterland, a product still made in the age-old tradition. The fresh milk is used immediately after milking to maintain all the organoleptic qualities intact. The cheese is made from pasteurized uncooked soft curd. Cheeses with a natural rind, some of which are filled with Sicilian Pistachio, matured in Nero D’avola red wine, or aged under Almond Tree wood ash.

Range GOAT’S milk cheese
Product Caciotta di Capra Primavera
Produced in: Province of Agrigento
Type of feeding Pasture with supplementary broad beans, barley, hay, wheat.
Typology Soft cheese
Ingredients Goat’s milk, sea salt, rennet, milk enzymes.
Shape Basket
Flavour – fragrance A fragrance of hay and mushrooms, sweet, medium-strong flavour
Characteristics A fragrance of underwood, slightly hircinous, sweet mushroom flavour
Ageing 25 days
Shelf life 75 days
Sale unit Vegetable parchment paper
Size of cheese 1.200 Kg
Type of packaging Cardboard box
Pieces per pack 5/6
Storage temperature + 4 °C
Transportation temperature + 4 °C
Average Nutritional Values per 100 g
Calories Kcal/KJ 323/1340
Protein 22.1 g
Carbohydrates <0.1</>d>
Fat 26 g
Calcium 768 mg