Fresh Cosacavaddu Ibleo

Fresh Cosacavaddu Ibleo was named in the XIX century after the geographical area of the cheese made by the farmers living in the Hyblaean mountains (a mountain range included in the province of Ragusa). It is a pasta filata cheese made with traditional techniques and tools. Taste it grilled: it is simply fantastic!!!

Range Pasta filata cow’s cheeses
Origin Province of Ragusa
Category Pasta filata cheese
Ingredients Whole, raw cow’s milk, salt, lamb or kid rennet
Shape Parallelepipedal block with rounded off corners
Flavour Sweet, sharp savoury
Paste Straw-yellow in colour, compact
Rind Thin, smooth, golden-yellow in colour
Ageing 30 days
Shelf life 180 days
Package ean code 98025175003279
Sale unit Bulk
Size kg. 7/12
Type of package Carton
Pieces x package 1/2
Cartons per pallet 48
Storage temperature + 4/6° C
Transport temperature + 4/6° C
Nutrition facts x 100 gr
Calories Kcal/KJ 380/1580
Protein g 30,1
Carbohydrate g 0,8
Fat g 21,5
Calcium mg 198