Fresh sweet Pecorino 300g

It is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk and it is available in three different variants: Plain, with Black Peppercorn or Red Pepper. The cheese is produced and, after approximately 2 days, it is put in brine for 48 hours, later it is left to dry for 10 days and finally packaged.

Range Fresh Portioned Pecorini
Product Fresh sweet Pecorino g300
Category Semi-cooked paste cheese
Ingredients Pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes
Shape Canestrata (basket weave type lines)
External appearance wedge
Flavour Mild and sweet
Paste Soft, white in colour, compact
Rind Natural
Ageing 10 days
Shelf life 150 days
Product ean code 2285921
Sale unit Vacuum-packed with heat-shrinking film
Size  g300
Type of package Carton
Pieces x package 16
Cartons per pallet 72
Storage temperature + 4° C
Transport temperature + 4° C
Nutrition facts x 100gr
Calories Kcal/KJ 403/1670
Protein g 24,5
Carbohydrate 0
Fat g 32,5
Calcium mg 857