Pecorino Mbriaco d’Avola

The Pecorino Ubriaco D’Avola is a Semi-cooked, semi-hard paste cheese. It comes from Mountain Sicani in the Province of Palermo. After 90 days of maturing, it’s sharpened in grape or wine of Nero D’avola for
about 30 days.

Line Ripened cheeses
Product Pecorino Ubriaco d’Avola
Production area Mountain Sicani Province of Palermo
Tipology Semi-cooked, semi-hard paste cheese
Ingredients Pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes,red win
Mould type Cylindrical “canestrata” (basket weave type lines)
Taste Delicate, long nish, hints of win Nero D’Avola
Texture Straw white, pasty, sometimes slightly compact look
Rinde Red wine, natural, non-edible
Maturing 120 days
Expiry date 210 days
Package Singol,vacuum
Average weight kg. 3
Packing type Cardboard box
Number of items for
Number of boxes for
Storage temperature + 4/6° C
Transport temperature + 4/6° C
Energetic value Kcal/KJ 412 / 1705
Proteins g 27,2
Carbohydrates g < 0,1
Fat g 32
Calcium mg 1014