Pecorino Sfiziorosso

Line Range of Pecorini baby
Product Pecorino sfiziorosso
Production area Area of the mountains Sicani Palermo
Tipology Semi-cooked, soft
Ingredients Pasteurized sheep’s milk, chopped chili peppers in the rind, olive oil, salt, rennet, milk enzymes
Mould type cylindrical canestrato
Taste Mild, pleasingly spicy and characteristic
Texture White, Soft and creamy, compact
Rinde natural, covered whit olive oil and shopped chili peppers
Maturing 10 days
Expiry date 210 days
Product ean code 2634894
Package Individual, vacuum-paked with heat-shrink film
Wheel weight 0,500 variable
Packaging type cardboard box
Number of items for package 12
Cartoni per pallet 80
Storage temperature +4° C
Transport temperature +4° C
Nutrition facts x 100 gr
Calories Kcal/KJ 412/1705
Protein g 27,2
Carbohydrate < 0,1
Fat g 32
Calcium mg 1014