Pepper ricotta salata

Line Ricotte
Product Ricotta Salata Peperoncino porz. 250 gr.
Area of production Sicily
Category Dairy product
Ingredients Serum from pasteurized sheep’s milk,

 chilli, salt, correttore di acidità E330
External appearance Clove
Taste Tasty, slightly spicy
Paste White with red spots, compact, semi-hard paste
Crust Natural
Seasoning 30 gg.
Shelf life 180 gg.
Cod. ean 2584618
Box Singola sottovuoto pellicola termoretraibile
Weight form kg. 0,250
Packaging Cartone
Pieces for box 24
Boxes per pallet 72
Storage Temperature + 4/6° C
Transport temperature + 4/6° C