Portioned Salted Ricotta from sheep’s milk

Range Portioned Aged
Product Salted Ricotta from sheep’s milk
Area of production Sicily
Category Dairy product
Ingredients Milk whey, milk, salt
Shape Cylindrical
Flavour Mild, lightly acidulous
Paste White, compact, semi-hard
Ageing 30 gg.
Rind Natural
Shelf life 180 days
Product ean code 2260173
Package ean code 98025175001138
Sale unit Vacuum-packed
Size Kg 1
Type of package Cardboard box
Pieces x package 9/18
Cartons per pallet 48/30
Storage temperature + 4/6° C
Transport temperature + 4/6° C
Nutrition facts x 100gr
Calories Kcal/KJ 428/1791
Protein g 19
Carbohydrate g 0,10
Fat g 32
Calcium mg 394