Provola Madonie

Provola Madonie is still hand-made by the expert hands of the local cheese makers who hand down the old dairy techniques from father to son.

Its size is small with a short neck and the head kneaded into a ball. Salting is performed in saturated brine.Ageing takes place in traditional fresh and airy rooms where the cheese is hung up during the whole ageing period, which lasts approximately 10-30 days.

The territory of Madonie stands out for its natural pasture lands rich in native grasses whose aromas and fragrances can be found in the milk used in making the Provola delle Madonie.

Range Spun paste cows’ cheeses
Product Provola Madonie
Area of production Massiccio delle Madonie (PA)
Category Stringy-textured cheese
Ingredients Milk, ovine milk, goat’s milk, salt. lamb rennet
Shape Pear-shaped, rounded flask, with a smooth and rounded surface, a short neck and rounded head
Flavour Mild and delicate
Paste White to straw-coloured, soft and compact
Rind Natural, thin, light straw colour
Ageing 30 days
Shelf life 180 days
Product ean code 2260171
Package ean code 98025175001091
Sale unit tied in pairs
Size kg. 2
Type of package Cardboard box
Pieces x package 4/8
Cartons per pallet 48/30
Storage temperature + 2/4° C
Transport temperature + 2/4° C
Nutrition facts x 100gr
Calories Kcal/KJ 302/1263
Protein g 25,35
Carbohydrate g 8,85
Fat g 18,41
Calcium mg 712