Salted Ricotta from sheep’s milk

Range Ricotte
Product Salted Ricotta from sheep’s milk  kg 1
Area of production Sicily
Category Dairy product
Ingredients Milk whey, milk, salt
Shape Cylindrical
Flavour Mild, lightly acidulous
Paste White, compact, semi-hard
Ageing 30 gg.
Rind Natural
Shelf life 180 days
Product ean code 2260173
Package ean code 98025175001138
Sale unit Vacuum-packed
Size Kg 1
Type of package Cardboard box
Pieces x package 9/18
Cartons per pallet 48/30
Storage temperature + 4/6° C
Transport temperature + 4/6° C
Nutrition facts x 100gr
Calories Kcal/KJ 428/1791
Protein g 19
Carbohydrate g 0,10
Fat g 32
Calcium mg 394