Sweet Pecorino

6 Kg fresh Pecorino is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk and it is available in three different variants: Plain, with Black Peppercorn or Red Pepper. The cheese is produced and, after approximately 2 days, it is put in brine for 48 hours, later it is left to dry for 10 days and finally packaged.

Range Fresh Pecorini kg. 6
Product Sweet fresh Pecorino
Category Soft, semi-cooked paste cheese
Ingredients Pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes
Shape “Canestrata” (basket weave type lines)
Flavour Typical, sweet, tasty
Paste Soft, white in colour, compact, with a light eye formation
Rind Natural
Ageing 10 days
Shelf life 150 days
Package ean code 98025175003514
Sale unit Vacuum-packed with heat-shrinking film
Size kg. 6
Type of package Carton
Pieces x package 2
Cartons per pallet 42
Storage temperature + 2/4° C
Transport temperature + 2/4° C
Nutrition facts x 100 gr
Calories Kcal/KJ 403/1670
Protein g 24,5
Carbohydrate 0
Fat g 32,5
Calcium mg 857