The wide range of High Quality Sicilian cheeses offered by SIFOR encompasses numerous historical and valued cheeses such as the Ragusano D.O.P., the Pecorino Siciliano D.O.P., the Piacentinu Ennese (awaiting P.O.D. recognition), the Madonie Provole and many other different types of Ricotta and Pecorino cheeses, both fresh and matured. Sifor cheeses are produced fully respecting the Sicilian cheese-making tradition, where smells and flavours are nurtured creating cheeses for the most demanding palates.

Production plants are situated in various parts of Sicily according to the type of cheese produced, as each product is deeply linked to its area of origin from which it derives its most important characteristics determined by the environment, the micro-climate and the pastures.

The high production levels achieved by Sifor, gained through over sixty years’ experience in the sector, guarantee genuine products to the most careful and demanding consumer, products which are genuine, flavoursome and natural and mark the company out on the market as leader in the sector.