For Sifor, the quality of its products is fundamental.

The Sicilian region, with its unique and inimitable aromas and flavours, nurtures a strong and living passion for detail and a respect for the products it manufactures.

Quality and typicality are the cornerstones of commercial production – added values which have, over the years, led to the creation of cheeses which are distinctive and easily recognisable.

The attention paid to guaranteeing a genuine and high-quality product to the consumer is reflected in the controls made at each production phase: from the carefully selected farms through to the milk, assessed using organoleptic, chemical, hygiene and microbiological specifications, to all other ingredients used.

The highest standards of hygiene and safety are adhered to, scrupulously applying the H.A.C.C.P. Autocontrol System, alongside an electronic procedure for monitoring the traceability of each lot.